Coronavirus - My thoughts on the pandemic

Corona-virus also known as "Covid-19" is currently affecting human life on earth as we speak, people say that this "Virus" came from China & the eating of bats, however I don't believe that's where the virus came from. I believe "Covid-19" was produced in a "Private Lab" ran by Politicians and Elite families across the world. I also believe they have a cure for the disease but haven't yet publicly announced it. There's multiple reasons for this but one of the most obvious is due to the amount of people that currently inhabit Earth, records show there's around 7 Billion People currently on Earth and that number is too high for the planet to sustain long-term life, so Covid-19 was developed in a lab to help bring the numbers down. If we had 5 Billion people the world would be a lot better off and this is why I believe the virus was created.. with the sole intention of killing hundreds of thousands of people to bring the numbers down and keep the Earth safe. When they feel they've achieved the goal within their agenda's they'll release the cure, until then they continue to make up numbers of the infected to keep people living in fear to the idea that if they go outside and catch this virus it will most likely kill them. They do this by saying young people have died even if it isn't true and nobody died, the media is in with the politicians & feed you what they and the elite families want, they also have people who make up conspiracy theories so they can mask the truth even more. They also want people to feel fear so the constitution has more power over the masses, by making them feel safe through reassurance, people are sheep in this day and age and believe whatever they read on the internet, funny cause I wrote this on the internet. Want to know my real thoughts out of all this? Whilst we're all on lockdown and not allowed to leave home, what are the Elites really up to?.. I guess we'll find out soon enough, for now take care and stay safe but know, the real world you live in is ugly & bitter, all for greed and power over other human beings.


  1. This makes a lot of sense not gonna lie

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