Coronavirus - My thoughts on the pandemic

Corona-virus also known as "Covid-19" is currently affecting human life on earth as we speak, people say that this "Virus" came from China & the eating of bats, however I don't believe that's where the virus came from. I believe "Covid-19" was produced in a "Private Lab" ran by Politicians and Elite families across the world. I also believe they have a cure for the disease but haven't yet publicly announced it. There's multiple reasons for this but one of the most obvious is due to the amount of people that currently inhabit Earth, records show there's around 7 Billion People currently on Earth and that number is too high for the planet to sustain long-term life, so Covid-19 was developed in a lab to help bring the numbers down. If we had 5 Billion people the world would be a lot better off and this is why I believe the virus was created.. with the sole intention of killing hundreds of thousands of people to bring the numb

How To Cope With Depression

Firstly: you're not alone, So, When you go through a depressive state of mind where you let yourself believe all these crazy thoughts that you overthink, it's hard to see or find a way out of that situation because that's what you fixate on... depression is a horrible thing to have but like many things in life it's only a temporary feeling/emotion, you will get better, the best thing to do is find time fillers to help you get through the day and when it comes to night time where you find yourself laying in bed thinking of everything all at once, you need to find a way to let go or accept what is going on in your life at that time, bare in mind that nobody can help you but yourself, others can only advise you based on their experiences and that in the end it's down to you how you let something affect you, you need to consciously tell yourself to not feel any negative emotions like guilt, stress or pain etc, even say them out loud... go through what you don't wan

Overwatch Review

In this article I'm going to talk about Overwatch Origins Edition the biggest game on PC and Platform Consoles. Overwatch is a fun filled action packed almost laid back shooter, based in the Overwatch world where we have good heroes a bad, with over 21 heroes to choose from youll be spoilt for choice but beware composition matters. Each Character has their own incredible power like "Dragon Strike" "R.I.P Tyre" and many more though to be able to use these superpowers you first need to charge it up by engaging in battle with your enemy. In Overwatch there's two game modes that blizzard have concentrated on "Control Point" and "Payload Delivery" but with recent events and updates there's always fresh content to get stuck in to. Overall I'd say Overwatch is high up in my personal ratings because it's incredibly fun and entertaining, having played many hours with friends, so I give it a 10/10 I really feel like this game is the

5 Ways To Earn Money In GTAV

So, in this article I'm going to give you 5 different ways you can earn GTAV dollars in GTA Online, you can earn money in multiple ways but here are just 5. 1. Shop Heists. When you start on GTA Online you'll find it hard to begin earning Money and Rank. Using the Shops (Basket Icon) you can earn money, each successful shop robbery will earn you just under $2000 and should gain you Reputation Points or RP. 2. Simeon. When you meet simeon he will begin to send you missions to complete but if your not wanting missions he occasionally sends you a text for a specific vehicle that you have to steal from the street, respray and deliver to simeon's garage, this can earn up to $10.000. 3. Time Trials. Time Trials are a very easy way to earn 25k in GTA Online to find these simply look on your map for the purple stopwatch, this is the icon for the "Time Trials" drive into the circle and follow the on screen displays to begin the challenge. 4. Racing. Racing is a ver

FreeDom Music

FreeDom, created by Dom Stewart a 26 year old "rap entrepreneur" from Leeds UK started off as a "Rap Name" that suited Dom because during the release of his latest music he found "freedom" from negative emotions and thoughts to feelings and actions that was impacting his life but rather than sit and dwell on the situations in which he found himself, he found a way to release the ways in which he felt in the only way he's ever known, to write down such feeling and express the emotions he held on a sheet of paper, with the intention of creating a rap in essence eliminating the negative filter that had such a hold over him. FreeDom has released songs previously on SoundCloud and you can Listen to FreeDom - The Looking Glass on YouTube. He also gained a following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and is definitely worth having a listen to.

FreeDom Gaming

In this article I'm going to talk about FreeDom Gaming the YouTube channel. FreeDom Gaming is vastly becoming the go-to place for Gameplay videos. FreeDom, also known as Dom, a 26 year old entrepreneur from Leeds with the goal of being a bigger gaming platform IGN sees a gap in the market for some new ideas branching into areas no other gamer has done before. You can search FreeDom Gaming in YouTube at any time and it's normally the top hit as this channel has the highest view count in a short period of time, meaning people want to see more, they're enjoying the content and they're sticking around. FreeDom Gaming also offers things back to his community through giveaways that he does on his channel, this is a chance for his viewers/fans to engage directly with Dom as every giveaway is performed Live on YouTube. Having only started uploading YouTube Videos 10 months ago he's gained a big following in a little amount time from 0 subscribed to over 1850 in mo

How To Become Successful On YouTube

I n this article I will explain how I became successful so that you can use similar techniques to also become successful. You need to firstly build yourself a YouTube account/channel and have a topic in mind that you'd like to create an audience for, with me I wanted to become a successful gamer, so what I did to become successful was buy new games I thought were cool to play and I tried to be among the first releasing Gameplay for those games, meaning that more people were likely to see my videos too and then I hit a game that changed my channel forever. I found the game that took me from 21 Subscribers to over 1800 in 2 months. Watch Dogs 2 Parkour has been a success on my channel because my parkour runs came from how we did our videos from when I practiced the discipline of parkour on the street. This made my videos stand out and I became the best parkour enthusiast in a game creating the best parkour runs.. So find something unique and something your good at it doesn't matt