FreeDom Gaming

In this article I'm going to talk about FreeDom Gaming the YouTube channel.
FreeDom Gaming is vastly becoming the go-to place for Gameplay videos.
FreeDom, also known as Dom, a 26 year old entrepreneur from Leeds with the goal of being a bigger gaming platform IGN sees a gap in the market for some new ideas branching into areas no other gamer has done before.
You can search FreeDom Gaming in YouTube at any time and it's normally the top hit as this channel has the highest view count in a short period of time, meaning people want to see more, they're enjoying the content and they're sticking around.
FreeDom Gaming also offers things back to his community through giveaways that he does on his channel, this is a chance for his viewers/fans to engage directly with Dom as every giveaway is performed Live on YouTube.
Having only started uploading YouTube Videos 10 months ago he's gained a big following in a little amount time from 0 subscribed to over 1850 in months.. imagine what he will achieve/accomplish in five years time.
Be sure to go check FreeDom Gaming out for yourself, with the range of Gameplay he has on his channel I'm sure there's something you'll enjoy.


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