How To Become Successful On YouTube

In this article I will explain how I became successful so that you can use similar techniques to also become successful. You need to firstly build yourself a YouTube account/channel and have a topic in mind that you'd like to create an audience for, with me I wanted to become a successful gamer, so what I did to become successful was buy new games I thought were cool to play and I tried to be among the first releasing Gameplay for those games, meaning that more people were likely to see my videos too and then I hit a game that changed my channel forever. I found the game that took me from 21 Subscribers to over 1800 in 2 months. Watch Dogs 2 Parkour has been a success on my channel because my parkour runs came from how we did our videos from when I practiced the discipline of parkour on the street. This made my videos stand out and I became the best parkour enthusiast in a game creating the best parkour runs.. So find something unique and something your good at it doesn't matter what it is there's an audience for it. 

I hope this blog helped you in some way, leave some feedback if you found it useful.


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