Overwatch Review

In this article I'm going to talk about Overwatch Origins Edition the biggest game on PC and Platform Consoles.

Overwatch is a fun filled action packed almost laid back shooter, based in the Overwatch world where we have good heroes a bad, with over 21 heroes to choose from youll be spoilt for choice but beware composition matters.

Each Character has their own incredible power like "Dragon Strike" "R.I.P Tyre" and many more though to be able to use these superpowers you first need to charge it up by engaging in battle with your enemy.

In Overwatch there's two game modes that blizzard have concentrated on "Control Point" and "Payload Delivery" but with recent events and updates there's always fresh content to get stuck in to.

Overall I'd say Overwatch is high up in my personal ratings because it's incredibly fun and entertaining, having played many hours with friends, so I give it a 10/10 I really feel like this game is the best online shooter so be sure to give it a try for yourself.


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