How To Cope With Depression

Firstly: you're not alone, So, When you go through a depressive state of mind where you let yourself believe all these crazy thoughts that you overthink, it's hard to see or find a way out of that situation because that's what you fixate on... depression is a horrible thing to have but like many things in life it's only a temporary feeling/emotion, you will get better, the best thing to do is find time fillers to help you get through the day and when it comes to night time where you find yourself laying in bed thinking of everything all at once, you need to find a way to let go or accept what is going on in your life at that time, bare in mind that nobody can help you but yourself, others can only advise you based on their experiences and that in the end it's down to you how you let something affect you, you need to consciously tell yourself to not feel any negative emotions like guilt, stress or pain etc, even say them out loud... go through what you don't want to feel and tell yourself that you don't want to feel that particular emotion. Once you've told yourself to get rid of all the negative emotions, begin to tell yourself all the positive emotions that you want to feel and welcome them into your life, from here you need to learn to change a negative filter into a positive filter, so if your like me and you're not being given any contact with your child, instead of thinking "I don't get to see my child" change it to something like, "it doesn't matter if you let me see my child or not because I'll do whatever it takes to see him/her" this way you eliminate the negative emotion and you bring in a positive one, apply this to every aspect of your life and see how things can change but understand this won't happen over night however, if you do what I've said for 30 days I guarantee that it will change the way you think, I know this for a fact because I suffered with depression for a long time, until I found a motivational speaker that helped me to understand how I am in control of my emotions, now I don't get upset or depressed about not having contact because I know in myself that I will see her again, I went through 30 days telling myself how I did and didn't want to feel, I didn't even finish the 30 days, So if for whatever reason you are depressed apply what I've instructed into your life for 30 days and then tell me the results.


  1. Wow thank you and I'm sorry to hear that it's definite that you will see your child again


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